Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Do I Really Need a Website?

Today more and more number of people are using the internet. People of all age groups use internet to search for products and to find solution of their queries. Even Ecommerce market is growing in an exponential manner. As of today, India is the country who is providing 4g internet services at cheapest rates in the world. Also, 5g is around the corner as 5g services had already being started by South Korea. This has eventually lead to rise in internet users mainly in India.

Now, the main question which comes in our mind is that who requires a website? The simple answer of this is:

  • If you are a businessman and want to showcase your products.
  • Want to advertise your products spending less money.
  • To make your online presence.
  • To stay connected with your clients
  • To educate people
  • For institutes and organizations.
If you are one among these, then you really need a website.

It's also depends on you and your profession as the necessity of a website can't be described in words. It can be used in filling out the forms and publishing results in educational institutions as well as in organizations. Whereas it can also be used in expanding your culture and traditions throughout the world. It's up to you.

Types of Websites:

Now, if you really require a website, then the question arises that what type of website do you need.

If you own a small business and just want to showcase your products, then a website of nearly 10-15 pages will be enough. This kind of website can also be used in case of personal websites, doctor websites, institutions etc.

But if you require a website which will have huge traffic and if there is a need of payment gateway. And, whose data have to be updated regularly then certainly you will need a heavy website with SSL certificate integrated in it.

How can you get a Website?

Now, if you need a website according to your requirements, you can contact Digitorious Technologies. We provide websites at an affordable price. Our website starts from Rs 5,000. But, You can also get a website for Rs 4,000 too. This offer is valid for a limited period only.

Address: S-16, Second Floor, S2S Square,
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Website: www.digitorious.com

Hope, you may have got some help with it.

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